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Animal Stories

..Our task must be to free ourselves….by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty.” Albert Einstein
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The world is filled with Peace Stories! We have highlighted a few for you and the resources involved. Become aware that peace is all around you - you can find these stories in your every day life!
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Curious Snake

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This snake came out of its bush to say “Hello!” No joke. After a meditation gathering at a friend’s house, we all marched outside for a good stretch. This bush was right by the house, and with curiosity, the snake started to move its head out to greet us. It stayed in this position for a long time - long enough for us all to gather around, stare for a while, then go back inside to get our cameras and take photos! Its length seen here is about one foot long; it was well-anchored in the bush’s thick interior!
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Swimming With Giants

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Have you ever swam with GIANTS? At the Georgia Aquarium you can! These whale sharks are gentle giants, gliding through the ocean waters, trolling for brine shrimp and the like. Even though people are not on its menu, one flip of its tail could send a person spinning! The smaller sharks that do eat fish, and could possibly hurt a human, are also tranquil and accepting of us air-breathing creatures. Come experience sharks that are willing to share their space with us!
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