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"On this day of your life, dear ones, I believe God wants you to know that a new world is upon you and all peoples of the earth.  A different tomorrow awaits.  Nothing is going to be the way it was before.  Not your finances, not your politics, not your work life, not your relationships, not the way you experience your spirituality - all of it is changing... and going to continue to change.  The only question remaining:  Will you be part author of those continuing changes, or merely one who is impacted by them?" Neale Donald Walsch (author of Conversations with God)
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Join us and become a Bridge to Peace. Create and implement a Peace Master Plan for your organization, build a Peace Garden, Labyrinth or Peace Trail, participate in our Peace Brain Training, start a Peace Explorer Club, experience our Peace Eco-Tours, and bring Tourism For Peace (TFP) Workshops, Activities, Academic Programs, and Peace Ceremonies to your zoo/aquarium, neighborhood, school, business or organization today!
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Peace Master Plans

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A Peace Master Plan is a framework to re-define your organization as a tranquil and verdant oasis in an over-scheduled and uncertain world. It uses an interactive, on-site workshop format to identify key areas that can be aligned to support that new peace mission.  Through various forms of presentations, discussions and exercises, we weave together the story of your business into how it can be re-imagined as a Place of Peace.
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"Peace Brain" Education

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Our "Peace Brain" Education is very diverse and very comprehensive. Peace Brain is a term that we created to indicate a peaceful mind, body, spirit. Peace Brain is the synergistic connection between our mental and emotional bodies - the blending of the electrical power of the mind with the magnetic force of the heart.

Teaching Peace concepts, tools and games to children can give them a framework from which to think, speak, act and create a new peaceful mindset. Adults can bring these Peace Principles into one's inner self, workplace, family and all relationships. Unity is the goal.

Click on picture or link to explore our numerous workshops and classes.
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Labyrinths, Peace Poles, Peace Trails, and Peace Explorer Clubs

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Peace Trails and Labyrinths and Peace Poles. These are used in various ways to designate a “Place of Peace”. Labyrinths are ancient symbols and meditation spaces that have graced numbers cultures for at least the last 5000 years. Walk this path of twists and turns like Life! You will always find your center. Peace Poles are from an affiliate of the United Nations, and say “May Peace Prevail On Earth” in many languages. We connect these places of peace into Peace Trails - within your community and worldwide! Come be a Peace Explorer, and embrace peace.
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Akashic Records & Alchemy of Peace Coaching & Classes

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Alchemy of Peace is the spiritual side of Tourism For Peace. We are each Divine Beings as well as physical people. These are ways in which you may find clarity on who you really are!

Hear the 100% God-Light wisdom of what your Akashic Record Keepers have to say through Dr. Gail, Certified Akashic Records Guide. The Record Keepers always provide answers for your soul’s growth and highest purpose. You may ask questions on relationship building, business, purpose in life, and almost anything you choose!

Our Alchemy of Peace classes and meditations honor our needs to be both physical and spiritual. Come learn about energy, metaphysics, sacred geometry, the Baha’i Faith, and how to live in Love and Light.

Our Peace Coaching Sessions with Alchemy of Peace Expert, Dr. Gail Lash, are opportunities to get clarity on issues and questions in your life, and to focus on wellbeing.
Dr. Lash provides these coaching services around your personal and/or group issues to master your health, business, relationships, finances, life goals and next steps, and to assist you in creating solutions to move forward with joy and ease. She uses written exercises, art, guided meditation and dialogue to identify and achieve a peaceful state of awareness.  You become the inspired architect of your own life!
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Spirit Bear Animal Communication

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Communicating with animals is natural. Pets are "people" too!  They are here to mirror the issues we are working on, and to help heal the planet.  Please come prepared with behavioral questions or specific issues to address. Sessions are half-hour to one hour, either in person with your pet, or using a photo of your pet.  Telephone of Skype sessions can be done, if required. Wild animals can also be contacted to work with them on issues, too!
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Peace Eco-Tours

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Our tours are opportunities to get to know new hosts and guests around the world. We currently have (at most) only one trip per year - usually to a sacred area of the world, and where our labor might be useful to the host family or community. We learn about wildlife, natural systems, and how we are interconnected to all of Nature and peoples.
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Ecotourism Consulting

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Ecotourism is a growing way for communities (and countries) to gain revenue from their local natural resources, with the aim of conserving these assets. Community-based ecotourism (CBE) Planning can assist in sustaining and enhancing the livelihood of rural peoples is a fundamental part of the global solution to alleviating poverty and to supporting urban populations. Tourism, on an ecological scale, and at the community level, can be a catalyst for this change.
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Zoo Design - Ursa International

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We design wildlife habitats and zoological parks and gardens. Ursa offers strong leadership in planning and building tomorrow's conservation/education facilities in National Forests, National Parks, Zoos, Museums, Aquariums, Botanical Gardens, Private Wildlife Reserves and Nature Centers, worldwide. 

Ursa works with individuals, villages, towns, and cities to unite the human community with both development and preservation of local natural habitats.
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Tourism For Peace (TFP)
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