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Peace Coaching & Intuitive Energy Readings & Healings

In every culture and in every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy." Albert Szent-Gyorgyi 1937 Nobel Prize, Medicine.
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We are each Divine Beings as well as physical people. Our Peace coaching, Intuitive readings, and Energy healings honor our needs to be both! Come learn about energy, and how to live in Love and Light.

Peace Coaching Sessions with Alchemy of Peace Expert, Dr. Gail Lash, are opportunities to get clarity on issues and questions in your life, and to focus on wellbeing (health, harmony, happiness). Gail provides these coaching services around your personal issues to master your health, business, relationships, finances, life goals and next steps, and to assist you in creating solutions to move forward with joy and ease. She uses her intuitive and scientific knowledge, written exercises, art, guided meditation and dialogue to help you identify and achieve a peaceful state of awareness.  

If you are interested in an
Energy healing, 7-Ray healing, or Intuitive reading, Gail has read the energy and performed healings for several thousand people over the last 17 years. Come feel the shift in your body, mind, emotions, and spirit, as you release what is not you, and embrace the divine being that you are.

Come let Dr. Gail Lash assist you on your Peace Journey!
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Peace Coaching for Individuals:

Well-being is centered on being at peace. In these Alchemy of Peace Coaching sessions, we address both your inner and outer environments. Each session is customized for your individual questions and needs. In general, a first private session focuses on your inner self, and what can bring you into a peaceful state of well-being.  We address how to find peace where you are right now on your life's journey, how to stay in peace as you progress towards your goals, what do you want life to be like; how to be excited about “change”; what does your “peaceful self” look like; and how to BE the peaceful you – the new you, the healthy you, the unique you. Through participatory exercises, YOU become the inspired architect of your own life!

In follow-up sessions, we address your outer environments of peace and well-being. What does your new routine look like? How does a peaceful home function? How do you find like-minded people? How do you stay centered and focused on your well-being when others around you are opposed or non-compliant?

The world is shifting rapidly, and we are being called to walk in harmony and happiness, using our individual gifts and talents to make a better world. Come play with us in creating your new world of peace and well-being, both inside and out – you will be happy you did!

Fee: One hour session - $150.00; half-hour - $88.00, in person, telephone or Skype (gaillash). Call 404-222-9595 to schedule your next Alchemy of Peace Coaching session!
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Intuitive Reading & Healing Services:

We are made up of waves and particles of energy.  When we get filled up with other people's energy - we are running our lives on their "computer program" and not ours.  When our energy gets misaligned, then the flow slows and we get stuck in the mud!  An intuitive reading can bring awareness to where you are stuck, and whose energy you are holding - and assist you in releasing it.  Be ready for miracles and exciting changes!  You have free will to be your Divine self!

Moving energy is natural. Tuning into the subtleties of life is normal. Practice opening your heart to let new energy flow from the Divine, cleansing your body, mind, emotions and spirit. Become who you are meant to be!

What Is Intuitive Energy Reading & Healing?

Einstein said that everything is energy: your chair, your body, your thoughts - each moving at different vibrations. As energetic beings, made up of a multitude of various particles, we are susceptible to surges of energy "thrown" at us, in the forms of people's emotions, demands and beliefs.

We can learn to clear ourselves of these energies from others - the ones that limit our performance, and tell us that we are incapable or unworthy. By learning and using fundamental energy tools, we can "manage" our energy, find our answers within ourselves and create the life that we want.

Dr. Lash teaches classes in intuition and energetic healing. She empowers you to find your own answers to life's questions. She uses these energy/healing tools and her intuition in her counseling work, both with individual clients and facilitated groups.

Sessions can be done in person, by phone or by Skype (gaillash).  Cost is $88 for half-hour; $150 for one hour - by cash, Square or PayPal.  
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Healing Testimonials

Gail, I just wanted to thank you profusely.  The healing was fabulous and very powerful.  My shoulders are almost completely devoid of any itching now and my anger has subsided substantially.  In situations where before I might have blown up, I am much more easily finding my inner peace and being able to stay connected and grounded in that. Thank you very much!
Love and light!” Diomira

“Dear Gail - We all really do need someone seeing us from the outside, someone we respect, admire, and know will tell the truth, guide, lead and push us.  Thanks for being a friend, a guide, an angel.” Love, Sandy  

“Dear Gail - Thank you so much for that wonderful ‘healing/meditation’ session yesterday.  It does seem to have ‘cleared’ the emotional stuff that was coming up for me and after a relaxing sleep last night, brought me back to a sense of peacefulness and renewed clarity!” Blessings, Barbara 
“Gail - Thanks again! I can't tell you how different i feel. I did not need a nap, I ate less; I was just in different place. You removed the last pocket of energy from that picture, and it was a big one!! I am truly ready to move on.” Thanks, Anna
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FREE Meditation:

Held at 9:00am Eastern time, on 1st Sunday of each month, this Meditation is open to all.  These have evolved from a focus on the 7 Rays, to one of a simple guided meditation of Light, Sound, Color and Peace.  More broad in scope, these meditations are channeled on the spot, and so are different each month.  Come join us to tune into your light, color, sound, and send peace out into the world!

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Meditations are archived on this website:

"Hi Gail. This is Terry and I was on your call today, and I just wanted to let you know how AMAZING it was for me. It's something, it's kind of - it was one of my missing pieces I've been looking for - this Ray work, with these particular Rays. Cause I've been working with the crystals and I'm very aware of the Atlantis whole thing, and I feel that - ah really - there's the piece, there's the piece! So I really appreciate you for doing this and putting this out there for everybody, and look forward to the next call. And I actually look forward to traveling with you someday! So, have a wonderful safe trip to Brazil, and I will talk to you soon. Thank you; bye-bye!"
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