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"The habits, attitudes, and beliefs that carry the human through the trials of life are developed at a very young age. If we are taught respect at a very young age, the odds are we'll be respectful throughout our whole lives. If we are taught to dance at a young age, we'll dance our whole lives. If we are taught to sing the traditional songs while we are young, we'll sing those songs throughout our whole lives. And who do we drum and sing songs to? Our children. This is how we keep it going."
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Our youth peace service trips are life-changing for these young people! Come spend 10 to 14 days with us in a rural setting somewhere in the world! Learn to live with a local family, do some service, such as build desks for the school, and explore the outdoors. Peace classes every night brings great fun and consultation around diverse topics of the world. The kids come home a new and brighter person, empowered to make a difference in their local and global community!
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Peace Trip - each summer

Our colleague, Lynda Godwin, will be taking up to 20 youth (ages 15 to 23) to Costa Rica this summer 2016.
Stay tuned for more about this trip!
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Brazil Amazon Youth Peace Trip - 2011

This trip was taken in July 2011. Stay tuned for our write up of this fun adventure!
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Costa Rica Youth Peace Trip - 2009

We loved going to Costa Rica! This trip’s writeup is being transferred over from another website - coming soon!
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Uganda Youth Peace Trip - to be offered

This trip was planned, but had to be cancelled because of high airfare costs and not enough participants. We'd love to do this trip in future, as Lynda Godwin has led successfully youth groups to Uganda seven times previously. More info to come here - if you are interested, please let us know!
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Belize Youth Peace Trip - to be offered

We have many contacts in Belize and are looking into putting together a youth trip here. More information to come!
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