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Labyrinths, Peace Poles & Peace Trails - Be A Peace Explorer!

"Wander where there is no path. There is no time like the present to 'get lost.' Realize that a path has many expressions: exploring creativity, indulging intuition, pursuing a relationship. Choose one, and get lost on the pathless path today." Doreen Virtue
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Create a Peace Garden. Come walk and explore the places of peace on your community Peace Trail. Witness the power of the Labyrinth - in your life, in your mind, in your community, in the world.  Plant a Peace Pole and share your peace story.  Join a Peace Explorer Club and be a Peace Explorer!
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Peace Trails & Peace Poles

A Peace Trail is a connection between world communities, hearts, minds and physical space. It is about learning to honor the peace within, talking peace, presenting peace, dancing peace, walking in peace. It is dialogue with diverse audiences, and getting to know your neighbor - both next door and several thousands of miles away. It can be made manifest in one's own thoughts, words, deeds, and actions. At Tourism For Peace, we build Peace Trails in our heart, mind, and spirit, and physically in the communities we visit and serve. Linking Peace Trails around the world is our goal - creating sanctuaries, and roads of peace (see World Peace Trails).

Come spend time with community members and other guests building a Peace Trail, from the local community Peace Garden to places of peace in the town - the church, the school, the grocery store, a youth leader's house, etc. Wherever peace is supported and encouraged becomes part of the Peace Trail - for people to walk and interact with in a manner of peace.

Organic gardens, labyrinths, meditation spaces, playgrounds, and performance areas can be included in a Peace Trail, and parts of its path can be dotted with stepping stones made and decorated by local children. Waterfalls, ponds, natural "backyard habitats", flower gardens, and imaginative places can all be created and included in your Peace Trails.

Special Peace Poles: "May Peace Prevail On Earth," can be erected as reminders of this path of peace, and as a dedication to a world at peace.

Also workshops on “Posts For Peace And Justice” can be done by community, creating personal messages and art on the post.
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World Peace Trails

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World Peace Trails is our vision of creating and multiplying the dialogue on how we can achieve world peace. When ordinary places decide to become a Place of Peace, supporting peace action and deeds, then they can be marked on the World Peace Trails. These places become a gathering ground for youth and community to work out issues and create unity. These places can offer peace education programs and more. Primarily they become a place of solitude, meditation, finding that zen place within one’s heart - where we can each be the peace that the world needs. Our world peace trails are marked by having completed a Peace Master Plan, planted a Peace Garden, built a Labyrinth, erected a Peace Pole, sponsored a Peace Eco-Tour or Community Ecotourism Project, implemented a Peace Education Program or created a Peace Explorer Club. Any of these are used in various ways to designate a “Place of Peace”. On our World Peace Trails Map, we connect these places of peace into Peace Trails - within your community and worldwide! Come be a Peace Explorer, and embrace Peace!
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Peace Explorers and Peace Explorer Clubs!

Come BE a Peace Explorer!! Connect with others in your community, school and around the world who are making Peace! Join the Peace Explorer Club nearest you, or start your own!

Stay tuned for more info and opportunities!
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Labyrinths & Peace Gardens

Labyrinths are thousands of years old. They are walking meditations, designed to connect you with the Divine, both inside and out.

Labyrinths are ancient symbols used as walking meditations: a prayer to the Great Spirit, a healing to the heart, a balm for the troubled soul and a way to answer private questions. Combining the imagery of a circle and a spiral, a labyrinth is a metaphor for life's journey. A labyrinth always has one path to walk towards the center. From there, you turn around and walk the same path back out, not like a multi-path maze.

Labyrinths have been found in Egypt, India, France, England, Algeria, Iceland, Peru, the USA (Native American) and many more cultures around the world. They come in many different patterns. The most widely known and oldest is the Classical 7-circuit labyrinth. Labyrinths can be made out of almost anything -- stone, grass, brick pavers, shrubs, orange tape, string, shoes, tin cans, painted cloth, and lights. It is in the walking that the experience happens. Walking a labyrinth can be a transformation!

So what is so great about a labyrinth? Its power comes from you, when you give yourself permission to take the time out of your day to walk, talk and listen to God.

Our Dancing Goddess/Dancing Bear Labyrinth was created in 2004 in the front yard of Bear Manor. It is always open to all for walking, free of charge. The stages of creation are shown here!

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Bear Manor - Dancing Bear Labyrinth

Built in the Classical 7-circuit style, with a "body" at the front like the Dancing Goddess pattern, this Dancing Bear Labyrinth is composed of stone wall-lines, stepping stones with thyme paths, and a gazebo at the center with magical chimes.

It is aligned on a North/South axis, with North, East, & West marked in stained-glass stepping stones, with the body and Entrance on its South side. The beginning of each circuit is also marked with a stained-glass stepping stone. It is 28 feet in diameter and is surrounded by a crab-orchard stone circular walkway and patio. The Winter Solstice sunset is marked with a tall perimeter stone, as is the Summer Solstice sunset.

The seven circular paths can be walked as a representation of the seven major chakras and their influences on the following issues: 1st path (next to the outside) = physical body & family; 2nd = relationships & emotions; 3rd = your power & career; 4th = loving oneself and others; 5th = communication; 6th = intuition & worldview; 7th (next to the gazebo) = your certainty & the appearance you show to the world. In the center, and as you walk out, you will find your answers.

The 7-circuit labyrinth begins on the 3rd path, at the big "Heel" stone (see Entrance sign). Come walk the labyrinth, and experience ancient peace!

circuits measured and lines made with rocks

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Stepping stones & gazebo center added.

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Planted Dancing Bear Labyrinth with Chimes

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Peace Pole Dedication at Dancing Bear Labyrinth
June 2006

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Peace Ceremonies & Performances

Peace Pole Dedication Ceremony!

On June 5th, 2006, we added a Peace Pole, from the World Prayer Society, to our Dancing Bear Labyrinth.  Over 40 people, including two Cherokee Elders, came to say prayers of peace, walk the labyrinth and send peace to the world. The Peace Pole has "May Peace Prevail on Earth" in 4 languages: Cherokee, English, Chinese, and Spanish.

Peace ceremonies can be done anywhere - with small groups or a gathering of thousands. Come walk labyrinths, form sacred circles, read prayers, broadcast peace from the heart, sing and dance!

Honor our physical and spiritual connections to the Earth and to each other. We are one Peoples, one Earth, one Heaven, one Universe. May Peace Prevail On Earth!

To find out more about labyrinths, go to this
web page!
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A Prayer For All Humanity: The Great Invocation

"From the point of Light within the Mind of God
Let light stream forth into the minds of men.
Let Light descend on Earth.

From the point of Love within the Heart of God
Let love stream forth into the hearts of men.
May Christ [the embodiment of Love] return to Earth.

From the centre where the Will of God is known
Let purpose guide the little wills of men -
The purpose which the Masters know and serve.

From the centre which we call the race of men
Let the Plan of Love and Light work out
And may it seal the door where evil dwells.

Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth."
[Alice A. Bailey, 1995 "The Seven Rays of Life" p. ix.]

Click here to search for other labyrinths world-wide

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