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"BE IN JOY! Dare to laugh, smile, and be happy. Take a trip. Face your fears. Swim with the dolphins. Jump off a cliff. Ride in a red convertible. Drink kava-kava with friends. Eat sushi and ice-cream. Laugh with a roommate. Walk through the village. Wear a fragrant lei. Take a drive in the country. See the Valley of the Kings. Enter the Peace Garden. Walk a labyrinth. Talk to a parrot. Sit in community and in joy. Bring Heaven to Earth!" Linda Kay Burk
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Sacred Sites around the world hold great energy and power of ancient wisdom from stories of the past. Many of these sites are connected to First Nations, and these indigenous teachings hold keys for humanity on how to wake up and find the peace that we are so desperately seeking. Peace is also created when we get to know unfamiliar peoples and their cultural practices, and can accept and understand them as they are. Come join us on a Peace Eco-Tour to celebrate the diversity and unity of life the Earth!
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Eco-Tour General Information

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Nature itself is peaceful, complex, beautiful and uplifting to the spirit. We have much to learn from Mother Earth - both the science of her ecological systems and the energy of her Ley lines and magnetic vortexes around the planet.

Many of these places are considered to be sacred sites by various human cultures. These places can open the heart to inspiration and to a flow of love and light. Walking through a light-filled canyon, or a gleaming-wet stalactite-rich cave, can give the breath pause and make the spirit soar. 

A Peace Eco-Tour to a sacred site, or simply a place of extraordinary beauty, opens all kinds of possibilities for people to become one with the wisdom, wonder, and beauty of these natural and cultural elements.

Our Peace Eco-Tour is an integration of peace classes, diverse workshops, nature hikes, art & music performances, cultural sites, community dialogue and discussion, and community service projects.
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In this unique vacation, you will experience connections to local culture, nature, and the healing spirit within. Ecotourism activities include: hiking to waterfalls, horseback riding, visiting archeological sites, and observing wildlife. At sacred sites, such as a Mayan Temple, we include guided meditations and metaphysical connections with these indigenous peoples and their ancient knowledge. Peace activities can include: role playing, skits, drawing, music, art, journaling, research, group discussions, World Cafés, Open Space Technology, labyrinth walks, and creating and telling your own stories.

Classes weave concepts of peace relating to its practicality, wisdom, spirit, principles, tools, history, and realization. Activities are indoors and outdoors, with community members, traveler groups, and on your own. Spend part of your vacation working side by side with host community residents in a community service project and/or building a Peace Trail between designated places of peace.

Come join us for a 6-day to 21-day Peace Eco-Tour vacation in Belize, Madagascar, South Africa, Costa Rica, USA, and other places around the World!
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Peace Eco-Tours for 2016 & Beyond

Our upcoming and possible future tours include… stay tuned - coming!
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Peace Eco-Tours for Youth

Peace Eco-Tours for youth have been to ... we are working on getting these up!
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Peace Eco-Tours of the Past

Past Eco-Tours have included...we are working on getting these up!
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Sample 9-day Itinerary

Airport pick-up and transportation to Lodge
Morning Prayer/meditation
"Get to know you" Peace Class:
1) Who are you? Why are you interested in peace? Why are you here?
2) Peace - what is it?
3) Examine the 4 Peace Principles 
Afternoon Nature/Ecotourism Field Trip - experiencing the beauty of nature
Morning Prayer/meditation
Cultural Field Trip - Getting to know our hosts & local culture
Morning Prayer/meditation
Nature/Ecotourism Field Trip - experiencing the beauty and wholeness of nature
Morning Prayer/meditation
AM: Peace tools; PM: Begin peace projects:
a) With local youth: in schools, in the arts, in nature
b) Personal and/or Community
c) Service project in community (assist community in doing something they want)
d) Building a Peace Trail (construct a places of peace & link with others) - within the local community; between Peace Parks; between world parks & protected areas; between sacred sites - creating Peace Trails around the world
Morning Prayer/meditation
Nature/Ecotourism/Cultural Field Trip - experience the beauty of nature and local cultures
Morning Prayer/meditation
Nature/Ecotourism Field Trip - experiencing the beauty and wholeness of nature
Morning Prayer/meditation
Transport to Airport and Home.
Optional Day:  Reflection: a) Imagine a world at peace! Create a story with art, writing, dance, etc., illustrating a world at peace - Envision it!
b) Home community project - What are you going to do differently when you get home? How are you going to take this back and make peace real?
Afternoon Nature Field Trip and Peace Party!
Morning Prayer/meditation
Transport to Airport and Home.
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10% Give Back!
We want to assist the planet in becoming healthy and in harmony with all life. We are giving back 10% of our profits to Sea Turtle Conservation in Venezuela.

See for information about this project.
Go to our fundraiser page to watch these donations grow! Tell your friends, and make a difference by saving the sea turtles!
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