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"Tell me and I will forget, show me and I may remember. Involve me and I will understand." - Xun Zi
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We are forming a Collective of Peace! And you can be a part of it. We aim to connect with the whole world - through various aspects of Tourism For Peace - peace trails, radio, books, classes. Join us on all of our social media sites, listen to our radio show, read our books, put your mark on the World Peace Trails map, and participate in our programs to help create Peace on Earth!
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World Peace Trails is our vision of creating and multiplying the dialogue on how we can achieve world peace. When ordinary places decide to become a Place of Peace, supporting peace action and deeds, then they can be marked on the World Peace Trails. These places become a gathering ground for youth and community to work out issues and create unity. These places can offer peace education programs and more. Primarily they become a place of solitude, meditation, finding that zen place within one’s heart - where we can each be the peace that the world needs. Our world peace trails are marked by having completed a Peace Master Plan, planted a Peace Garden, built a Labyrinth, erected a Peace Pole, sponsored a Peace Eco-Tour or Community Ecotourism Project, implemented a Peace Education Program or created a Peace Explorer Club. Any of these are used in various ways to designate a “Place of Peace”. On our World Peace Trails Map, we connect these places of peace into Peace Trails - within your community and worldwide! Come be a Peace Explorer, and embrace Peace!
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Our NEW, exciting “The Peace Brain Show” started in January 2016! Come hear us on BBS Radio every other Tuesday on Station 2, at 5:00pm Pacific and 8:00pm Eastern time. Dr. Gail Lash hosts this new show and interviews Peace Explorers from around the globe! Listen in at:
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Dr. Lash is in the process of publishing several books!

1. Our soon-to-be-released, exciting book
“Peace Brain 101: Nine Essential Steps To Achieving Peace & Prosperity” by Dr. Gail Lash will be published in March 2016! Come learn and practice the 9 steps to creating peace for yourself and those around you!

2. Her other main book to soon be released is
“Peace Brain: A New Vision For Personal And World Peace”. Peace Brain is about living at the intersection between Science and Spirituality. We exist as BOTH physical humans living in various forms of global societies, AND spiritual beings living in worlds of limitless possibilities.

Come learn how to harness the power of your Peace Brain to access these expanding possibilities and create a new and practical world at peace. We all need peace. Much of the world is in chaos – just a glance at the daily news confirms this. And your life may be feeling some of the effects. You can change this. We all can.

Peace Brain teaches you how to have harmony among the hemispheres – both in your brain and on the Earth. Using Peace Brain Tools from biology, science, metaphysics, Faith writings and universal laws, explore and understand 1) how your mind works and what it really can do; 2) how society’s ways of life can reflect our oneness with Nature and each other; and 3) what YOUR gifts and talents are that can help manifest this new Peace Brain reality!

3. The
Lucy books will begin to be published in late 2016!

Stay tuned for links and more information.
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